Lose weight without dieting

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

You may have tried all sorts of different diets over the years, and gone up and down in weight, mainly up.

You may have thought that shedding excess weight is a matter of willpower, which you are in short supply of.

The healthiest way to lose weight is not the quickest way to lose weight. Crash diets and new, trendy weight loss plans or sudden and drastic increases in exercise are not recommended. Most doctors consider such an approach to weight loss to be dangerous.

Hypnotherapy can help people with weight loss and weight control problems easily and naturally.

How does it work?

Firstly your hypnotherapist will identify and understand the emotional triggers that lead you to overeat. Indeed, there may be a number of reasons why we overeat: 

  • As a substitute for something missing in our lives

  • Learned behaviour from our parents when we were children

  • Boredom

  • Emotional problems

  • Habitual eating

Then through hypnosis, the hypnotherapist will help you visualise yourself in the future at the weight you want to become. We will then work with you to:

  • Eliminate your desire to overeat

  • Increase your commitment to take exercise appropriate to you

  • Increase your self esteem, optimism, and self confidence

  • Develop powerful feelings of determination

Changing your behaviour for good

Using hypnotherapy we are able to ask the subconscious mind to modify a person’s behaviour easily and effortlessly.

Factors such as old behaviours, feelings and emotions, habits and exercise levels can be altered during the hypnotic process. Losing weight is a matter of lifestyle change.

This is a programme focused on changing your behaviour. If you know what you want to change, we can help you to make the changes.

No more yo-yo dieting. Look good and feel good forever!

Woman who lost weight with hypnotherapy in Croydon, Surrey

“One should eat to live, not live to eat”


Weight facts

More than half the adults in the UK are heavier than recommended.

About 40% of adults are overweight,

And around a further 1 in 5 are obese.