With the uncertainty lockdown brings, it’s vital to have helpful coping strategies to combat mental ill health.

The NHS have compiled a list of 22 different mental health apps to help with various forms of poor mental health:

Be Mindful – Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

Beat Panic – Panic attacks and anxiety

BlueIce – Self harm

Calm Harm – Self harm

Catch It – Negative thoughts

Chill Panda – Breathing techniques

Cove – Create music to capture your mood

distrACT – Self-harm and suicidal thoughts

eQuoo – Emotional fitness game

Feeling Good: positive mindset – audio to help relax body and mind

ieso – Instant message therapists

MeeTwo – Teenage discussion

MyPossible Self: The Mental Health App – Fear, anxiety, stress and unhelpful thinking

SilverCloud – 8-week course on stress, anxiety and depression

Sleepio – Sleep improvement

Sleepstation – Connect with sleep experts

Stress and Anxiety companion – Breathing exercises

Student Health App – Students worries

ThinkNinja – 10 to 18-year olds mental health

Thrive – Stress and anxiety

Togetherall – Therapist support

WorryTree – CBT

Link to website for apps is in the comments.

Hoping you have a positive mental health day.

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