We can’t control what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond

The headline is sage advice offered by the excellent Action for Happiness and the image is their resilience calendar for July.

The calendar gives daily actions helping us become more resilient in these challenging times.

For the uninitiated, Action for Happiness are on a mission to help people act for a happier and kinder world. They advocate ten keys for happier living based on a review of the latest research from psychology and related fields. Further information can be found on Action for happiness here

The ten keys are a blend of how we interact with the external world with what comes from inside us and our attitude to life.  They are as follows:

  1. Giving – Do things for others
  2. Relating – Connect with people
  3. Exercising – Take care of your body
  4. Awareness – Live life mindfully
  5. Trying out – Keep learning new things
  6. Direction – Have goals to look forward to
  7. Resilience – Find ways to bounce back
  8. Emotions – looks for what’s good
  9. Acceptance – Be comfortable with who you are
  10. Meaning – Be part of something bigger

The eagle eyed amongst you would have noticed the first letters of the ten keys spell out the the memorable sticky acronym G.R.E.A.T D.R.E.A.M

There’s loads of little nuggets and nudge inducing behaviours here. I really like the actions which aid changing your thinking patterns. I particularly like:

Adopt a growth mindset. Change “I can’t” into “I can’t …yet”

Which of the daily actions in the calendar do you like?